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behind the scenes new studio studio space we moved

Vannucci ltd has had such a great beginning to the Spring/Summer 2017 season!  We actually had to move into a larger studio space, and hire a new employee!!  It's all quite exciting.  Now, if you're curious like me, you always want to know what the inside of other's spaces look like.  Do you get on Trulia and search spectacular houses?  Maybe as you pass the always closed apartment door next to yours, you see it's actually open a crack and you try to surreptitiously peer inside.  Well, here is a chance to see behind the scenes of where your favorite jewelry is made!  

We've got two work stations, an office area, ship station, and storage area.  Now we just have to set up the photography area!  The building is an old school in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.  See the old built-in blackboard in the photos?  There's even a water cooler to gossip around!  This is just the beginning - we plan to make this space a beautiful, creative haven to work in.  

We are so excited, pleased, and grateful to be here - And we'll keep you updated on any cool studio upgrades :)

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  • Michael Frederick on

    I love you, great job!!!

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