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The Georgette collection is the most whimsy inspired.  The name itself seems eccentric and mischievous, and I've tried to reflect this ambiance with bright, clear gemstones.  The collection almost has a bleached appearance, with the light pastel of the gemstones making it possible to combine so many different colors into a cohesive piece.  Also used in this collection are many gemstones that have unique adjustments, such as a mystic appearance - the iridescence adding even more to the orphic and whimsical aura.

One of the hardest things to learn and absorb as a designer is the ability to edit.  Well, I threw that knowledge to the wind with this collection, and mixed all sorts of different elements into these brilliant and cheerful designs.  But you know what?  It works!

Gemstones in this collection include: Green mystic topaz, green amethyst, iolite, sunstone, whisky topaz, pink mystic topaz, blue topaz, clear quartz, tundra sapphire, aquamarine, citrine, moonstone, and lemon topaz