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The inspiration for Lena Collection comes from the time period when this name peaked in popularity - the late 1800's.  I've always been fascinated by 19th century history, and on the surface it seems as if all the ladies of that time period have this sophisticated, elegant grace.  We used different forms of rich garnets including classic red, rhodolite, hessonite, and spessertite to represent this cultivated and refined style - not to mention the fact that garnets are said to promote spiritual growth and creativity.

To add in a dash of the Vannucci whimsy (and to draw on the more light and feminine designs of the late Victorian period), these strong stones are paired with more chimerical versions including lepidocrocite (strawberry quartz), ruby zoicite, and pink sapphire to create a truly unique "fanciful sophistication".  

All stones for the Lena Collection include: garnet, rhodolite garnet, ruby zoicite, pink sapphire, citrine, lemon topaz, moonstone, hessonite, tundra sapphire, and lepidocrocite (strawberry quartz)