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Do you struggle to find jewelry that expresses your inner personality without overdoing it in the workplace?
Do you enjoy fashion and trends, but are uncomfortable wearing something too over the top?
Do you like looking put together and interesting, but hate the time it takes to achieve that perfected look?
Vannucci jewelry has solved these problems that we hear from our customers!  Creating "professional whimsy" minimalist statement jewelry is our specialty.  Each piece is small and delicate enough to be worn in the most conservative of office jobs, yet unique enough that it is also the perfect choice for your evening plans.  Each piece is carefully crafted to fit into more than one aspect of your life.  
Your life is jam packed.  You start with work and/or school and surround it with activities like yoga, then throw in being a personal taxi to your kids.  There's your partner to spend time with, and oh! that project deadline just got moved up.  You enjoy jetting around town in an outfit that makes you feel great, but there is so not always time to do that.  Plus, that's a lot of different hats to wear...if you dressed for one of those things, you'd have to change right away again for the others!  HOWEVER, you'll never be inappropriately accessorized for any of these occasions if you threw on a Vannucci necklace this morning.  
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About Justine
I always knew I wanted to own my own business, but just wasn't sure just what it was going to be.
I learned how to make jewelry when I was 14.  My mom's friend made jewelry as a hobby, and decided she wanted to move on to painting tiles.  I got her jewelry making supplies!
I went to college for fashion design
I have three cats
I live in South Philadelphia
I love green olives
I started this business because not only do I thrive working with my hands, but I noticed something when I graduated college and started getting "real" jobs.  I was always used to expressing myself very externally with bright clothing and big, loud jewelry.  Getting dressed was my favorite part of the day.  Yet, in some of the work environments I experienced,  I was either asked not to wear certain things, or was simply given the "judgy side eye".  During a stint doing production for another jeweler, I made a few pieces for myself that I felt were creative and unique, but totally appropriate to wear in any other workplace.  Interest in this concept began to grow through word of mouth, and Vannucci ltd jewelry was born.
About the name
My grandfather, Putsee Salvatore Vannucci, was a first generation catholic Italian.  He met my grandmother in the early 1940's, but they were forced to elope, since she was from a local family that was protestant.  They ran away to Maryland with their two best friends.  Upon returning to Williamsport, PA they began making a living by opening a photography business - Vannucci Photo Services, which was run by my grandfather (and his brother) until the mid 90's.  He has even photographed every Little League World Series from its inception until his death in 2007.  He got his big break by photographing flood destruction in 1946, and turned it into a book, but his interest in the art of photography stretched back to early high school.  I am honored and humbled to carry on in the creative arts under the Vannucci name.