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Each Collection Has A Story....

Vannucci jewelry is handcrafted "PROFESSIONAL WHIMSY"

Each of the Vannucci collections is the story of a woman who is a lover of color and fashion, yet her job may not give her the freedom to wear whatever she desires. We can help that bit of whimsy shine through.

MADELINE has an earthy personality. She was a hippie in her younger days, chaining herself to ancient trees and attending protests in major cities.  Eventually, Maddy realizes she has to fight for the earth from within the system. She is an environmental lawyer, yet dislikes the stuffy clothing of the courtroom. Vannucci LTD lets her personality shine through her suit.

LENA has always been the girl with pink hair....and straight A's. Now an intern in the oncology department of a city hospital, she has to look the part, and that means no more funky locks. Vannucci LTD helps her let out the fun side while still maintaining the professional facade.

ROXANNE used to be in a rock band - now she represents them. Being the professional image of the band means she needs to be taken seriously; but there are days she yearns for that mesh halter top. Vannucci LTD brings out the punk in her without exposing her midriff.

OLIVIA is a designer. She can wear whatever she wants, right? Not at the industry trade shows, where she is trying to impress buyers from only the best department stores. She still needs to be an original to stand out from the crowd... Vannucci LTD is her answer.

GEORGETTE always wished she lived in the most whimsical parts of Japan, like Takeshida street in Harajuku.  Cosplaying in fanciful colorful costumes with pastel wigs was a favorite past-time, in fact, she often donned them for "IRL" situations.  Now a game designer for anime style RPG, she sticks with more practical work attire.  The light, bright, and curious style of this collection really satisfies her need for that kawaii look.