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Artisan Jewelry

Made in the USA - all handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

Professional Whimsy // Modern Day Bohemian // Minimalist Statement Pieces

Semi-precious briolettes and metals, with a focus on unique color combinations and movement rendered in high quality semi-precious gemstones.  Outstanding customer service.  Like, really really awesome customer service.





+ Handmade and Local
Making jewelry in-house at our Philadelphia studios reduces the waste and pollution of manufactured production.  We also hire from our local creative community and pay a living wage
+ Ethical and Responsible
By using recycled metals and packaging among other practices, we attempt to reduce the footprint our company has on this earth.  We also create jewelry that lasts - no fast fashion here! 
+ Creative and Unique
We strive to make jewelry that is so special, you can't find anything like it on a site such as Amazon.  This makes Vannucci ltd jewelry not only a great treat for yourself, but a good gift for a special person in your life.

ALSO, check out our most recent BLOG POST about the inspiration behind the launch of the Celestial Twilight Collection by clicking the link or image below!

celestial twilight jewelry collection launch image with moons and stars

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We are having a 10% off Gift Card sale until the end of September!  Buy one now to purchase a gift at a lower cost later, OR buy one now to give as a gift (and no one has to know it wasn't full price!)