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Tuscany Wine Gemstone Earrings

Passion and Tuscany Wine

Tuscany Wine Gemstone Earrings

$ 126.00

Silver teardrop post, which was originally clay.  It was then textured with lace, shaped, and baked in a kiln for two hours.  The microscopic silver particles then melded together to become the final piece.  Chain drop is gold with silver wire connecting deep hued gemstones that mimic the warmth and uniqueness of a Mediterranean countryside.

Metal: Sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold filled

Gemstones: Moss aqua, rhodolite garnet, black rutilated quartz, iolite, and moonstone

Dimensions:  About 1.25" x .25"


MOSS AQUAMARINE is style of “beryl” gemstone.  Early versions of the crystal ball were made from beryl, until the more popular crystal quartz started to dominate. Beryl teaches you how to do only that which you need to do at that time and place. It is the ultimate stone for these strange times, as it helps you deal with a stressful life and gives you the ability to shed unwanted emotional baggage. Beryl helps you realize your potential, and can guide you to the next step of your journey. 

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