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Twirling Fern with Labradorite

$ 103

This fern is from a field near a mushroom farm I camped at in July 2020.  It has been copper electroformed and set with a labradorite cabochon gemstone.  The chain is 14k rose gold filled with labradorite stones up the chain.

Metal: Copper and 14k rose gold filled

Gemstones: Labradorite

Dimensions: Fern is about 2" in length and .5" at its widest point at the top.   

Complete with our signature handcrafted tension "S" clasp closure.  Perfect for anyone that struggles with solo-clasping a lobster or spring ring clasp.


Electroforming is a super cool scientific process that takes natural materials, and deposits layers and layers of copper onto them. The process can be unpredictable, and each piece will have unique textures from the way the copper is deposited and the electrical current that ran through it!


LABRADORITE is a wonderful stone for self-awareness and diving within oneself.  Some feel like it can facilitate a deeper exploration of the magic inside yourself.  In the same vein, it can also protect or act as a shield against the negativities of this world


COPPER is antimicrobial, meaning it inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and viruses. It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years!  It was then formed into cooking implements, and soon became popular for status symbol jewelry.  Copper is also conductive, and is one of the only naturally forming metals used in jewelry making.  When left unattended, copper will oxidize, and form a unique greenish patina.   But if that’s not your thing it can be easily cleaned with at-home remedies, or if it’s set with a gemstone, it can be sent back to us for a complimentary cleaning!


*Gold filled is the next level and is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold

*Gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal.

*If you can wear gold jewelry without skin sensitivity, you can most likely wear gold filled!

*During the mid to late Victorian period, gold filled jewelry was very common and was manufactured in large numbers.


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