Dryads and Naiads - The Dryad Collection

The time is nigh!  Last month I introduced you to the idea of having a split collection for the holiday season: Mystic Naiad and Woodland Dryad.  I feel like they are super cohesive together, yet are also opposites.  I dropped the mystic naiad collection first, and filled your end of summer with mystic topaz, bright purple tanzanite, weightless pearls and opals, with a dash of vibrant turquoise and pink tourmaline.

Now the weather is turning, and we're going to lean into that by leading you away from the stream in the meadow and into the shimmering depths of the woodlands.

While naiads were female spirits or faeries of the waters, dryads take up residence in trees - some say specifically oak trees - others think that each tree type has its own spirit.  Others actually become part of the tree, sometimes to protect themselves!

Although not specifically dryads, the faeries in Ferngully also felt like a layer of this inspiration.  There's a scene where they spend the day running/flying through all the most beautiful parts of the deep forest, and then end up in a sparkling bioluminescent cave. 

There's a beautiful, mysterious quality to it.  That's how I view this collection: it's a little darker, a little more mysterious - but not in a scary, trepidatious way!  In a way that lets you know there is more here than the eye can see.

It's the perfect vibe for moving into true fall, not just end of summer.  I have often felt like autumn itself has this sensation to it, the feeling of change and depth and mystery as the world around you starts to hid bits of itself, to protect those elements until spring arrives again.  

gold hoop earring, rose gold hoop earring with wrapped black opal coins

I even chose stones I felt encompassed this idea.  For example, this collection is the first time I've introduced black opal.  Black opals appear to be a deep opaque at first, but then the light hits them, and you can see shimmers of greens, oranges, and sometimes blue in their depths!

So.  I invite you.  Dig into this collection, and discover its mysteries. 

Mysterious Forest in 2021 | Black forest germany, Forest background, Forest  wallpaper

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