+ APATITE (both green and blue) is the stone of manifestation. It clears away confusion, apathy, or negativity, thus stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth.  This may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

+ BLACK OPAL offers protection of one's emotional body and aura. This gemstone provides you with an energetic shield against negative energy as well as another person's emotional toxicity.

+ GREEN AMETHYST facilitates a stronger connection to nature. If you want to be an advocate for the environment, but you would rather lead with wisdom and heart rather than pure “warrior energy”, green amethyst (also known as prasiolite) is your gemstone!

+ OPAL enhances spiritual consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition.  This in turn can trigger optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and allows for the release of inhibitions inspiring love and passion.