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Hi!  I'm Justine, the designer and maker behind Vannucci ltd

I love designing jewelry for women with a distinctive style - you know who you are, and love to express yourself through your excellent fashion sense - without being over the top.

+ Is it a struggle to find jewelry that is unique, original, and full of color, yet isn't over-the-top costume jewelry meant for the 23-year-old version of you?

+ Do you like to express your style with gorgeous gemstones, yet feel apprehensive about the impact your purchase might have on the earth and its communities?

+ Do you consider yourself a nuanced tastemaker - your social circles always know that you will arrive looking sophisticated but trendy, striking yet subtle?

Then I'm creating these minimalist statement pieces for YOU!  Our jewelry is all hand fabricated down to the clasps and ear wires, and our materials are meticulously sourced from other ethical-centric companies so you don't have to worry.  And when it comes to design, well, there's a story there.....


The year was 2002, I was 14, and already identifying as an artist.  This idea of self was solidified by my mom's best friend giving up on her beading hobby, and passing all her supplies down to me!

Fast forward to 2009, I graduated from an arts oriented university with a BS in fashion design, and picked up a handful of part time "real" jobs.  It was a difficult transition for me, as I noticed the usual way I expressed myself with bright clothing and big, loud jewelry was not well received.  I wasn't being taken seriously.  One time my boss expressly asked me not to wear something.  I was devastated -  getting dressed was my favorite part of the day, and if I couldn't show my personality through fashion, how would people know who I was and what I valued?!

One of my jobs at the time was a stint with a local jeweler, and I decided to make a few pieces for myself that I felt were creative and unique, but totally appropriate to wear in any other workplace.

And it clicked.

I learned to appreciate that true distinctive style isn't about adorning yourself in the weirdest jewelry or the most eccentric clothing. 

It's about showcasing the materials and letting them inform the design.  It's about carefully crafting each piece to fit into multiple aspects of your life.  It's thinking holistically about your style, what you represent, and how you are perceived.  

Does this resonate with you?

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As I've grown as a woman, so has Vannucci.  What started as my mom's friend passing down her jewelry supplies to me has become an ethically oriented, gemstone focused style.  Check out our ETHOS blog post for an in depth look at how Vannucci interacts with the world and community


With this ethos and design, Vannucci is now in boutiques all across the country, featured on multiple TV shows, and highlighted on podcasts.


I currently live in Philadelphia, but I travel often, coming up with unique color combinations inspired by locales all over the world.  I'm a little bit of an adrenaline junkie - I scuba dive, take part in a female motorcycle community, camp, and hike.  But I'll also take a day at a museum, an interactive art installation, or even a good video game as well.  I also started learning spanish this year! 


I hope you'll join my journey, because this isn't the last stop!!

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Rose Quartz, labradorite, rhodolite garnet, zircon, and moonstone

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Labradorite and rose quartz

Champagne Collection earring


Rose quartz, labradorite, milky moonstone, zircon, and rhodolite garnet

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