Who is Vannucci

Hi! I'm Justine, and Vannucci ltd is my jewelry company! I make delicate gemstone jewelry, inspired by all the fun places I've been in nature, for those who live their lives in color.

The jewelry on this webiste

+ 1-2 times a year I release a "Classic Collection". These pieces can be ordered at any time, and when ordered, are fabricated just for you!

+ 6-8 times a year I drop smaller One-of-a-Kind Collections, these pieces are already created, and once they're gone, they're gone.

My VIPs get 24 hour first access to these collections (join above)

+ Sometimes I get wild and add on a few One-of-a-Kind pieces to a Classic Collection, or add new pieces I'm excited about without a collection drop. Don't worry, everything is clearly marked!

+ You can also Build Your Own Charm Necklace, find that link under the main menu

A namesake

Putsee Vannucci

My grandfather, Putsee Salvatore Vannucci, was a first generation Italian-American.  He met my grandmother in the early 1940's, but they were forced to run away to Virginia to get married because she was protestant and he was catholic.
Their families did not approve. Upon returning to Williamsport, PA they began their new life by opening a photography business - Vannucci Foto Services, which was run by my grandfather (and his brother) until the mid 90's.  He got his big break by photographing flood destruction in 1946 and turning it into a book. However, his interest in the art of photography stretched back to high school.  He photographed everything from celebrities to accidents to aerials during his career. However, his most notable achievement is photographing every Little League World Series from its inception in 1947 until he passed in 2007. I am honored and humbled to carry on in the creative arts under the Vannucci name.

Why Vannucci?


+ Really Awesome Customer Service - Slide into my DM's any time! I strive to be accessible, accommodating, and have a personal touch

+Eco-Aware - By using recycled metals and packaging among other practices, I attempt to reduce the footprint this company has on the earth.  I also create jewelry that lasts - no fast fashion here!  

+ Education - I love to share what I do! Where does this come from? How is it made? Who makes it? None of this is confidential, and it's important to create an atmosphere of knowledge and collaboration over industry secrets.

+Transparent - Read this BLOG POST for a deeper dive into these four tenets and the commitments Vannucci ltd has made to the environment and community

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