How to Buy Jewelry For a Gift in 3 Steps

How to buy jewelry for a gift is an art - but an art you can learn without too much trouble.  I know it seems an overwhelming task, but if you’ll let me break it down for you, you’ll be buying your sweetie jewelry with confidence in no time.  This is the system I personally use to help my clients narrow down their choices when we work together one-on-one.  
STEP 1: To start the process, ask yourself these simple “one or the other” questions:
a. Does your beau wear silver or gold?  
This question really directs which pieces of jewelry I would recommend to a client.  People usually feel pretty strongly about their metal type, and will often pick a lane and stay in it.  Even if your love switches it up between gold or silver, a strong preference usually prevails most of the time.
If you really have no idea, start to pay attention to what your partner wears.  Do not just look in their jewelry box.  Often, we have all sorts of jewelry that we never wear, so it’s important to make sure you’re paying attention to their current style, and not just what they own.  Make sure your gift isn’t part of this “I can’t get rid of it because it’s sentimental, but I don’t really like it” pile.
Champagne Collection Necklace with tourmaline and labradorite
b. Are there colors your significant other will absolutely not wear?  Any colors they love?
Similar to the metal type, I’ve learned that jewelry wearers usually have strong feelings about the colors they look good in, and definitely what they don’t look good in.  If your partner is always in light summery colors, it probably wouldn’t make sense to get them a deep red garnet necklace, or something with a lot of autumn colors.  Jewelry should accentuate an outfit, not compete with it.
Again, pay attention to how your dearest dresses, especially when going out in public.  Take note of the amount of color, and what the colors are.
Labradorite hoop earrings and small hoop pendant necklace in gold
c. Jewelry Logistics - Are their ears pierced?  Have you ever seen them wear a necklace?  Do you know their ring size?
Not everyone has pierced ears!  Some people can’t stand the feeling of a necklace around their neck.  Asking outright is always an option.  But again, some extra attention directed towards your partner’s style is a good way to keep the secret that you’ll be jewelry shopping soon.  Another thing to consider when it comes to necklaces, the larger the frame of the person, the longer the necklace will need to be for maximum comfort.
Thin gold ring
Set a budget.  When you’re buying jewelry as a gift, pricing can get out of hand very quickly.  You don’t want to act on emotion - worrying that you’re spending too much on a trinket, or feeling that it has to be above a certain price to feel special.  Just look at how much you can truthfully spend on this gift.  Whatever the amount is, you’re most likely going to find something that works in your price range.  See if the designer is running any specials - we do 20% off for first time website purchases.  Maybe they have a rewards program?  However, I do not recommend contacting any designers and asking for specials or discounts.  If they can offer them, they will!
Consider the occasion or the meaning you wish to convey.  Is this a fun congratulatory gift, or is it a deep display of affection?  Shapes and motifs are to be taken into consideration as well.  Hearts and birthstones are examples of more intimate and pointedly special options.  Large playful hoops, with dangling gemstones might be a great gift for when there’s something new and fun and exciting to mark, like a graduation or a promotion at work.
Gemstone cluster earring with garnet and hessonite
Hopefully these three steps will get you on a path to confidently and consistently choosing jewelry your S.O. will absolutely adore.  Choosing the right jewelry can make your partner feel seen, and help them feel closer to you in a relationship.  If you are still overwhelmed, please contact me to create a custom order just for your love!


It really helped when you talked about checking if a person has their ears pierced or uses necklaces before buying jewelry for them. I’m looking for a jewelry set for my fiance’s birthday, and I’m running out of time, so I’ll follow your shopping tips this weekend to find the best piece for her. Thank you.

Eli Richardson June 14, 2023

I found it helpful when you said that a direct request is always a possibility. But once more, paying extra attention to your partner’s fashion sense is a smart strategy to hide the fact that you’re about to go jewelry shopping. Another thing to think about while choosing a necklace is that, for the best comfort, a longer necklace is required the larger the wearer’s frame to propose to his lover the next month during their anniversary party. I’ll make sure to present this to him even though I’m still looking for a jeweler to get in touch with for soon-to-be bespoke jewelry rings.

Elle Jones June 14, 2023

THANKS for this helpful article!

Melanie December 03, 2022

I LOVE this jewelry buying guide! Thank you! Can’t. wait to make my purchases on the Black Friday Sale!

Tammy December 03, 2022

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