In the heart of the western desert, just beyond the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, lies a hidden treasure that only the fortunate have the chance to witness – the enchanting springtime transformation of the arid landscape. As the sun's warm embrace melts away the snowcapped remnants of winter, and rare rains bestow their blessings upon the seemingly lifeless terrain, a breathtaking metamorphosis takes place. This magnificent spectacle of nature's resilience and showmanship has served as the driving force behind my latest Classic jewelry collection, aptly named "Desert Bloom." white and purple flowers in front of red rock canyon mountains


I find it wildly frustrating when people ask how I can live in the desert where there is "nothing"!  The perception is that it's dead and dry space, all the same, stretching for miles into the horizon.  They could not be more wrong.  Although the desert boasts biodiversity all throughout the year, there is nothing quite like springtime in the Mojave.


Winter does bring a sort of monotony to the landscape, similar to the distinct feeling of hibernation that permeates the east coast during the coldest months.  Then, as the landscape awakens from its slumber, a symphony of colors unfolds before your eyes. The muted tones of sand and rock provide the perfect canvas for nature's mini masterpieces. Vibrant shades of green burst forth from the earth, reminding us of the enduring spirit of desert flora. This verdant backdrop sets the stage for the emergence of delicate flowers in captivating purples and yellows. The jewelry pieces in the collection mirror this spectrum of colors, capturing the essence of the desert's seasonal evolution.

Yellow and purple flowers in front of red striped mountains

Little purple flowers close up in a desert

Yellow cactus flowers


One of the most awe-inspiring sights during this transformation is the sight of flowers delicately perched atop majestic cacti like a crown of jewels.  In fact, I often think of certain desert flowers as jewelry for their plants. This visual spectacle is a true testament to nature's artistry, where contrasting elements (a seemingly barren desert, a prickly plant, a silken & bright flower) come together to create something harmonious and extraordinary. The jewelry pieces in the "Desert Bloom" collection reflect this duality, combining bold shapes with delicate accents and a range of purple and yellow hues.

cholla cactus buds in the red rock desert


Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the desert bloom is its fleeting nature. The flowers that grace the landscape during spring are here for but a moment, reminding us of the impermanence of beauty and the cyclical nature of life.  Although the desert has other surprises at different seasons, no other moment has quite the fanfare of the Mojave in May.  I'm sure you can see now why I found this moment, in this place, full of inspirational color and beauty!  

Have you seen the desert come alive in bloom?  Tell me your transformative experience below!

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