Six Ways to Wear the Vannucci ltd Blue Topaz Tassel Necklace

Sometimes, I get into total style ruts.  I start wearing the same four outfits over and over again.  They're easy, comfortable, and I already know they look good.  Putting together NEW outfit requires making choices and then evaluating those choices to determine if you REALLY should keep on the pair of boots, or if you should switch to the pumps.  Usually I love this fashion puzzle, but some days, it's just too much!

Once a month, I'll pick select a piece of jewelry that I find particularly versatile, and show you all the different ways you can wear it!  No more excuses that a piece "isn't your style"... and these outfits could help if you see yourself slipping into one of the aforementioned style ruts!

Blue Topaz Tassel Necklace

1) Urban, On-the-Move, Feminine

Vannucci ltd blue topaz tassel necklace styled with an urban feel. I see this woman dashing around the city, running a few errands in between grabbing coffee with a client for a low-key meeting.

2) Fresh, Luxurious, Sophisticated

In this styling, the pastels of the necklace were highlighted, but paired with a quirky purse and studded heels keep the outfit from getting too saccharine.  In this outfit, I see a meticulous woman who takes a lot of pride in what she does.  And she's good at it.

3) Bohemian, Chic, Modern

In this collection, the Vannucci ltd blue topaz tassel necklace is given a modern comfortable bohemian feel.  I see a woman throwing on this outfit to meet her girlfriends for happy hour, or taking taking the baby out for a fall stroll around the neighborhood. 

4) Casual, Vintage, Whimsical 

The feel of this outfit incorporating the Vannucci ltd blue topaz tassel neck could be described as whimsically vintage. I see this as a casual and quirky outfit that could be worn to the office on Tuesday or for brunch on Sunday to your favorite rooftop restaurant.

5) Youthful, Cozy, Outdoorsy

 This outfit exudes a stylish cozy aura.  Think of strolling down Main Street to do some window shopping with your beau one crisp morning...Or entertaining some close friends at your house on a lazy afternoon.

6) Edgy, Convert-able, Unique

The Vannucci ltd blue topaz tassel neck is the pop of color in this outfit!  I imagine her attending a trade show or conference during the day, and then throwing on this jacket for a more chic and urban night out with clients or co-workers.


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