Why do we buy jewelry?

Yesterday I was writing an Instagram post for you guys, and I mentioned that I had been thinking a lot about the question "Why do we buy jewelry"?  It started out as a more business-y question to myself, honestly.  I'm about to start doing preparations for the holiday season for Vannucci ltd, and I was viewing it more from a marketing standpoint.  But as I sat with it more throughout the day, it morphed into more of a philosophical question - what makes us give an unequivocal and enthusiastic "YES" to owning a piece of jewelry?

I started by thinking about my own reason for purchasing jewelry - it was actually really difficult for me to pin down or put into words.  I just, FEEL something towards a piece; I want to adorn myself with it.  I imagine myself wearing it, and what that would be like. 

Buying jewelry is an act of giving yourself a gift.  Doing something special, providing yourself a little shot of dopamine.  Further expressing who you are on the inside with the decorations you choose to embellish your body with.

For some women, there are deeper meanings to certain pieces of jewelry, or jewelry with specific gemstones.  People express feeling connected to their birthstone, or other semi-precious stones with other attributes associated with them.

Another big reason revolves around self-esteem.  I mentioned that I visualize myself wearing a piece before I purchase it.  I often have a specific setting, or activity I'm partaking in.  I examine in my daydream whether wearing the piece will make me feel confident, or beautiful, or perceived in a certain manner.  Saying "yes" to a piece of jewelry, and then wearing it, can really affect one's self image.  Making such a purchase that may feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, can actually have a huge impact if it facilitates a more confident approach to an activity while donning it!

I don't have some heady conclusion or "aha" moment for this post.  It seems the real thing that ties together all these reasons for selecting and taking home a piece of jewelry is that it's just so damn fun.  It's fun to be excited about something, it's fun to feel unusually confident, it's fun to explore one's style, it's fun to wear different gemstones for different occasions.

I would love to hear directly from you!  Everyone has such personal and varied reasons about what they are drawn to and why.  What makes you say yes to one piece of jewelry over another?????

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