Petrified Forest

Crystalized Gemstone Earring

$ 137

Petrified Forest Collection - Gold gemstone point frame with wrapped rhodolite garnet and bright gemstone drops

One of a kind - these are already created and waiting to be taken home and made part of your story!


Metal: 14k Gold filled 

Gemstones: Hessonite garnet, rhodolite garnet, and yellow sapphire

Dimensions:  About 1.75" in length


HESSONITE GARNET is a stone that brings wealth and success as well as promote longevity.  It can strengthen our sense of self-respect and help us to make choices that we will be proud of!



*Gold filled is the next level and is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold

*Gold-filled is made by adding a layer of 14- or 12-karat gold to a core, creating a tarnish-resistant surface where only gold is exposed. The metals are permanently bound together using heat and pressure. Therefore it is extremely uncommon to wear through gold filled

*If you can wear gold jewelry without skin sensitivity, you can most likely wear gold filled!

*During the mid to late Victorian period, gold filled jewelry was very common and was manufactured in large numbers.

*For more in depth info, check out this BLOG POST!

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