Gold Bar Necklace **Featured on Law and Order: SVU

$ 57

Simple and sleek gold bar pendant with high shine finish.  A gunmetal finish sterling silver chain adds a twist to this graceful piece. 

**Featured on ADA Caliay on Law and Order: SVU on the episode "Real Fake News"


Metal: Sterling silver, 14k gold filled

Gemstones: Naked

Dimensions: 1.5" x .18" 

Complete with our signature handcrafted tension "S" clasp closure.  Perfect for anyone that struggles with solo-clasping a lobster or spring ring clasp.  Extenders can be clasped anywhere from 16"-18", excellent for layering options.



*Gold filled is the next level and is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold

*It is actual layers of gold pressure bonded with other jeweler quality metals.  While gold plating can eventually wear off, gold filled is required by law to contain 5% gold (plated is more like .5%) and it’s therefore extremely uncommon to wear through gold filled

*If you can wear gold jewelry without skin sensitivity, you can most likely wear gold filled!

*During the mid to late Victorian period, gold filled jewelry was very common and was manufactured in large numbers.

*For more in depth info, check out this BLOG POST!

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