woodland dryad

Sacred Circle Earring

$ 129

14k gold filled large but light hoops.  Rose gold wire ear wires and wire wraps.  Because circles have no end and no beginning, many consider them spiritually sacred.  Woodland nature creates of lot of this motif, whether it's the rings of a tree trunk or the top of an acorn from an oak tree - the most traditional Dryad habitat.


Metals: 14k Gold filled and 14k rose gold filled

Gemstones:  Green apatite, moss aqua, andalusite, and black opal.

Dimensions: Earring is 2.5" x 1.5"


10% of the profits of this collection go to Women's Wilderness



*Gold filled is the next level and is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold

*It is actual layers of gold pressure bonded with other jeweler quality metals.  While gold plating can eventually wear off, gold filled is required by law to contain 5% gold (plated is more like .5%) and it’s therefore extremely uncommon to wear through gold filled

*If you can wear gold jewelry without skin sensitivity, you can most likely wear gold filled!

*During the mid to late Victorian period, gold filled jewelry was very common and was manufactured in large numbers.

*For more in depth info, check out this BLOG POST!

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