The Morning Routine

Upon returning from Washington DC and attending the American Made Show, I was super excited to get back into my morning routine.  I missed it!  It's nothing special, a run or some yoga, a cup of Reanimator coffee (a local Philly roaster!) and a little bit of time spent on my Pinterest, instagram, or finding new bloggers.  I used to feel guilty about this time spent!  I enjoyed it SO MUCH, it couldn't really be beneficial, right?  It's like how dessert works.  If it tastes THAT good, then it probably isn't good FOR me.  However, I have discovered that this time sets the mood for the rest of day, which really determines my level of productivity.  Self-care is something that is finally starting to be embraced, and not something you should feel ashamed of.  That's so lovely to see!  What little things do YOU do for yourself each day?  Extra points to anyone who says "Buying jewelry online!" :)

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