Pinterest and Inspiring Spaces

Happy Friday, woooo!  You know what I love to do that I bet you love to do, too?  Get all cozy on the couch with your electric blanket and your Ipad and PIN ALL THE THINGS ON PINTEREST.  Right?  RIGHT?!  

You are in luck then, because we have a few boards on Pinterest that I think you'll really be into.  First up, is the Inspiring Spaces Board which is a fantastic and ever growing collection of places and spaces in home/office/etc that really make you want to just be in them!  Some make me want to grab a throw pillow and a good book and settle in, others make me want to move all my jewelry supplies inside because I feel positive the design outcomes would be incredible



The second board I think you'll appreciate the most is called Beautiful and Unusual.  This one is harder to describe because it truly encompasses anything and everything that strikes me just so and makes me hold my breath for a moment.

For example, check these tiny guys (or girls!?) out.  They are hand carved skulls make from pearls.  If that is not beautiful and unusual I don't know what is!


Happy Pinning, friends!

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