BIRTHSTONES: Moss Aqua- a new take on the March birthstone

Years ago, I was at a gemstone showroom in New York City.  I had come up to refresh my stock of regularly used stones - it's wayyyy better to see them in person instead of relying on the vendor to choose for you and then ship them!  Also, it's the most beautiful place in the world:

So, I'm there, drooling over all new strands I'm seeing, and I come across a gemstone that has a lovely olive green color with an almost fuzzy-looking texture.  I had never seen it before, and it just really drew me in.  When I asked my vendor what this gorgeous gem was, he told me moss aqua.  Moss aqua?  Like, mossy aquamarine?  Now, I have to be honest, the average style of the light blue aquamarine gemstone has never been my most favorite, so to learn that there was another version of this stone was very exciting!
Once I learned a little more about the stone, I fell even more in love.  Because apparently, this was the "unappealing" version of aquamarine.  It was not the desired bright blue, and it had little inclusions of a mineral called "Ilmenite", which created the spotty/mossy texture - also not appreciated.  As someone who hasn't always fit the "perfect version" mold, someone maybe even considered a bit "weird", I immediately felt a kindred spirit with this stone.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL, but not for the reasons it "should" have been.  That day, I bought a handful of strands.
From then on, it's been one of my most popular stones.  It's been in several of our collections/colorways - currently you can find it in the Tropical Collection!  I'm also happy to report that this stone is no longer much of a misfit - it is now beloved by many high-end jewelry designers, and all my vendors carry it [UPDATE: the mine that produces the most green color is now said to be dry.  I'm unsure how much of the raw product is still left out there!].  Just like the blue aquamarine you know, this stone is associated with your throat chakra.  It is said to help teachers, public speakers, and similar, verbalize their truths in the most clear and accurate way.
Woodland Dryad Gold Y Neck
If you really want to double up on the aquamarine for march, check out the Woodland Dryad Collection, as well!  It uses a stone that is still considered moss aqua because of the fuzzy inclusions, but it's definitely more of a blue color.  Tell me, which do you prefer?  Are you into the sky blue crystal clear aqua, or the spotty textured moss aqua?  I can't wait to hear your preferences!

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SPOTTY, moss aqua, for sure! It’s my birthstone and I love the weirder, darker, “dirtier” aquas!

Stephanie Stoner April 29, 2020

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