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Ready?  Because you're about to read ANOTHER article/post/blog about how Covid-19 has affected a business you're into.  I hesitated to write this, because I can't tell you how annoyed I am at getting an email from every business, credit card company, and service I've ever interacted with about how they are "helping me" during this time.  Telling me to use the online bill payer (which I've been doing for the past 10 years) is NOT helping me.

There are many ways Vannucci ltd can help you, though!  We all know how important it is to be wearing masks right now - but I think it can be just as important to you and everyone looking at you to wear one that expresses your individuality! 

(Taylor in his Legend of Zelda windwaker mask)


Think about it - how bleak and even a little scary does it look when you walk into the grocery store and everyone around you are in medical looking masks.  You can't see their smile for reassurance and communication.  You yourself are wearing one, and it feels foreign and weird.

NOW take that same fantasy, and think about those people with masks in bright florals, silly video game prints, and their favorite animal species.  Now these humans are little less like strangers.  Instead of snapping on that faded green mask yourself, you select your favorite tree branch print to match your outfit and fit your mood today - it really feels like spring!

See?!  We can take this weird, new thing we have to do and make it just another extension of how we can express ourselves.  That has always really been the reason why I ended up in a personal accessory creative field - I think outwardly sharing your style is an amazing and important part of being human.

(Gillian, a tattoo artist at Crown and Feather Tattoo)

I've been so grateful to be able to help the 1,000's of amazing folx express themselves with jewelry these past seven years (our anniversary was April 15th!), and I'm super excited to be throwing back to my "Fashion Design" skills (what I actually went to college for!) and helping you continue to express yourself with your masks in these uncertain times.

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